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Author Topic: Discussing The Shift  (Read 784 times)
« on: April 04, 2010, 11:34:39 AM »

Thread under is being constructed. It is locked until the full topic can be posted. royster
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« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2011, 11:32:29 PM »

The final hours of the Pavlina forums found a few of us on the Ascension First Aid thread.


I promised to take those hastily-typed replies and process them. This is the thread I designated for that task.

The posts are now on my word processor...all 10 pages of them. Please continue to watch this thread: the cleaned-up report will be posted as soon as I can process it, with cross-references, links and details that time did not allow me to provide. royster

This thread will be mirrored HERE.
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« Reply #2 on: December 28, 2011, 03:13:33 PM »


For those who read the recent "chaotic node" posts, I wish to offer that ascension first aid will continue on Halfpast and Halfway, available to the public. You will not need to be a member to see the information.
The implications are far deeper than meets the eye, and for those who have followed the New Earth ascension, we see the 3rd and 4th dimensional separations are well into the process. The divide will continue to widen, and 4th dimensional ascendants will continue to have DNA activations prompting more insight and abilities. 3rd dimensional "stand-pats" will regress to some degree into the more pedestrian, methodical mode of learning. This is not a judgement call, this is to assure you that whatever choice you made, you aught to continue with it. At this point in the Earth changes, it is ill-advised to switch tracks at the moment: I highly recommend that you roll along with what you have been working with in the past few months. In a short while there WILL be an "all clear" event that gives us ALL pause, and last-minute changes can be made then. Look toward February for this rest period.

I wish every path good guidance and joy.
* * * * * *

Back in October, these energies were building, and I peg March as the beginning point of this particular Chaotic Node cycle.

Mainstreamers may attempt to explain the accuracy away, but in researching my posts in descending order, it is clear that I was given some insight on events. This isn't some "talent" you develop: contrary, it's really just listening to instructions from the universe. I've said that all along. And Jesus did the same thing: it wasn't a matter of studying every night with the bible and practicing Yoga: He lived Source. Source tells us all we need to know, when we listen to It and follow through. The more Light we allow into our hearts, the more alligned with the Divine Plan we become. It becomes ingrained in your daily life.

While this [Pavlina] forum has entertained many who delved into "predictions" and the likes, they were TRYING to do it. They were seeking practices and asking other members for answers instead of cleaning up their hearts, first, then listening to Source one-on-one, within themselves. This isn't a judgement: it is obvious in their results and continued questions what they do and do not possess.

If you're watching football, LOL-ing on Facebook or otherwise involved in distracting activities, you're missing the cosmic/universe energies that occur at this time of year. You're indulging in deliberate diversions that are designed SPECIFICALLY to keep your attention away from these very energies taking place at this moment. The very energies ancient pagans observed and lived by. In subscribing to the diversions, you essentially lock yourself into the 3rd dimension density, and ignore the energies.

The event we experienced here [Pavlina] was not only a perfect example of the Chaotic Node affect, it is also the obvious and tangible beginning of the tear between the 3rd and 4th dimensions. As your "leaders" instill you with fear to "not follow those kooks!", they use science and methodical treadmills to keep you grounded in 3rd dimensional captivity. Another group (spiritualists) are clearly following the call and ascending. It has already started. You will find an increased need for the 3rd dimension mentality to defend itself and insist everyone follow it. You're free to do that: the universe never demands, and it doesn't 'order' you to do things. The universes' way is to suggest ways that benefit all. 3rd dimensional density benefits a few, at the expense of many. Again, the Law Of Abundance is within these words.

Actually, Eternity is within these words.
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« Reply #3 on: December 28, 2011, 03:41:01 PM »

Those choosing to remain in 3rd dimensional density...for whatever reason...are advised to heed a few loving instructions.

There are many reasons to STAY in the 3rd dimension, not all of them pretty...but many of them quite noble. Some Students are required to "take this course". I've spent several lifetimes staying behind...at first because I HAD to, but later I volunteered because it was just a compassion within me that persists to this day. However, if you've followed my deeper metaphysical work, you'll know I have decided it's time to move on to the Greater Beyond. Who knows: I might catch up Thoth and apologise for that practical joke I played on him.

I have graduated from a very long journey of re-hab and re-balancing, and I'm not required to stay here, anymore. While this still stuns me, I also know I'm quite tired of dealing with mainstream societies. Keep in mind what you're doing today is no different than in Noah's day: you just have fancier gadgets.
And Atlantis, too, with more gadgetry than you, nonetheless had iron-handed  social engineering in place. I know the ins and outs of it to the point I can discuss it effortlessly. I'm ready for a new Flight.

So I impart to you some of the lessons of 3rd dimensional existence, but keep in mind I'm in agreement to not divulge certain secrets. Those secrets will be revealed to you through experiences you will have later, for the sake of learning. I would do you no favors in spoiling those events for you by revealing them

Many of us came here to experience life in the physical form. While many of you choose not to remember it, right now, there was a time you were a soul looking in on the world of physicality. Most of us couldn't wait to get into one of these "bodies". Whoa: it's a whole different experience, once you're here. But a few lifetimes of the experience and you start to get the hang of it. After some advancing, you learn how to program the wiring and memory...thus Indigo Children came into existence. The fact is, we can modify and re-wire our physical vessels as much as we want. This is (in many cases) how demons came about. The distinction is HOW we re-wire the body, and with WHAT INTENTION. Otherwise, our world was designed to operate on an "automatic" system. Our cell regeneration, for example, is nothing we consciously contribute to. The ascension process, at its very roots (evolution), is an "automatic" system. It can be accelerated, and it can be retarded. Choosing to stay (or having been duped into staying) in the 3rd dimension limits some of the modification possibilities.

While I'd like to say that honesty is the best thing you could do, I have to tell you that you're entering a 4th-stage (terminal) phase of society collapse. Again, some of you CHOSE to have the collapse experience: I "majored" in them, so I have not only been through several of them, I know a lot about them.

Some of you are younger souls, and yes: you were gullible and now are trapped in a system of your own making. So the suggestion I offer here is acceptance. Accept that you made bad choices, and dedicate yourself to living them through, in order to learn. By learning where you "got fooled", you will avoid such deceptions in the future.

What I can offer across the board is that what you are about to experience is a lesson you will remember for eternity...so it isn't lost, and it isn't a waste of time. The bad news is that the social conditioning will become so dense, and the psycho-political mandatory pressures will become so severe that you will necessarily have to forget this "happy thought", but there IS a way to smuggle it through in your subconscious.

First: be calm. We have another Chaotic Node coming up in mid-January, and it's going to be a nasty one. It's purpose is to finish the job this present Chaotic node started": total busting up of impacted energies. It is after that a world-wide "revelation" will be apparent, and we all get to rest and regroup. It is THAT window of opportunity that you will be able to make the (final) conscious choice of ascending or staying dense. I suggest you continue your life path as it comes to you. The answers will be coming more syncronistically and in more frequent waves...another good reason to avoid Facebook and distracting medias: so you can notice the answers. It WILL require increased focus on ascension in order to keep pace with the energy accelerations. Otherwise, the chaotic energies will control your actions, limit your choices, and prompt reactions you have no control over because you've chosen the "automatic" system.

In all natural things, we seldom see a rapid change, except in geological events. Like plant, animals and bugs grow slowly, a tiny bit each day, so too will the Collapse continue to be subtle, but obvious to the informed observer. The powers that created the New World Order (we have to call it SOMETHING) and orchestrating the population mind control are just as expert at that activity as my group is at responding to the collapses. So they KNOW each move they make has to be subtle, and explainable. We saw with the Bush administration make a leap forward at being a little bolder in their antics, and sure enough: people swallowed it. It was a huge gain for them. The problem for those caught in this is: the NWO is aware of those waking up, and there are programs that contend with resisters. We're seeing this already, as you know: legal arrest and detention of citizens without reason or legal rep, secret prisons and the like. Like I said, this is nothing new: it's the same method century after century. The big difference about THIS time around the block?

This is their last time.

Certain energies which they have used for centuries will become unavailable to them. Consider that in the realm of demons and devils, there is an "ascension", too: this has to be, because all of Creation is fractal, so what affects one affects all. In the demonic realms, there is occurring a descension: equally opposite of ascension. [FOOTNOTE TO FOLLOW]

So in a way, this is the last time to experience a civilisation collapse...in this sector of this universe.

Someone had asked in another thread about the Mark Of The Beast. I wrote a detailed reply, but on editing lost a bunch of it. I took that as a cue to not divulge the information. However, there's enough of it there to get the drift.

It's the "Leaving Facebook..." thread.

What I was trying to get to was that The Beast is anything off the Light path. The Mark of the beast is many levels, but all the signs are to let you navigate your way to the Light, or go through a dark experience. And everything in between.

Understand that the child's play so many of the Amazon.com gurus who set up carnival stands on this [Pavlina] forum were prone to tell you one or two possible streams, while avoiding being inclusive. The Light/Dark duality is nothing more than a learning experience: none of it is ULTIMATELY wrong. It's a choice of illusions, really. However, when you've had enough lifetimes of dark damage, you will tend to dedicate to the Light fairly exclusively.

In my Timed Dancing Project work, I start out by admitting that in previous lives, I did some horrible things. It isn't so much the THINGS I did: it was the thought process I harbored to do them. This is why I refer to my being in "cosmic re-hab": I can make amends to those I've hurt, but unless I address the details of the thought process used to hurt them, I will keep making those same mistakes.

In addressing the thought processes, I gradually had more access to higher learning. I then realised I could only go so high while still retaining some of the processes. So MY ascension has everything to do with a total spiritual surrender: this is because many of the processes became so ingrained in my soul, that I, personally, cannot remove them. That's something only the God of my understanding can do. And that requires a total surrender to that Light.

I have done this. Some interesting and unexpected results occurred in the universe and those spirits shepherding me along the eons of this process.

While the board is locked, during construction, members may post their questions and observations HERE.
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« Reply #4 on: December 28, 2011, 05:12:38 PM »

Now I turn ever so slowly back to 3rd dimension tips.

You know all those millions of times (we all have done this) layed there in bed, hurt by the world, and visualised our funeral...BY GOLLY they'll be sad when I'M GONE!...and somehow felt vindicated? Those thoughts got us through a tough time...we were sort of comforting ourselves. Butcha know what? We were loving ourselves during those episodes, even though our frame of conscious mind said we hated ourselves. But we also 'manifested' an energy we don't need: we needed to hold our wounds, and in the process created part of a future we might not really want.

So don't waste your time imagining how the Collapse might be, and don't allow others...particularly Disney and Hollywood...to define your future for you. Avoid the temptation to visualise the earthquakes and artillery shells blowing up stuff you sort of wish WOULD get blown up. We DO have SOME influence in softening the impact, and visualising wars isn't one of those ways. Nor is "manifesting" peaceful doves landing on beautiful children's heads.

LIVING the Love is what it takes. In fact, "Christed", among other levels of meaning, means "an individualisation of Love"...we use the term "embodiment", but the meaning is a bit deeper than the meat we occupy.

Speaking of which, this "meat" has some amazing properties, and it's further design is to contain and conduct light processes. As I used the example of puberty as one type of ascension we all went through, what many are going through NOW is the process of changing the DNA signals that conduct the structuring of light cell receptors. It's what Jesus did, and the bible DOES explain HOW he did it. So it is possible that you can "blink" OUT OF THE 3RD DIMENSION. People have been doing it for centuries, noteably Jesus. Your local paper doesn't publish such events because it freaks people out.

So those who might be in the very earliest phases of ascension can know that if things took a horrible turn for the worst, you'd actually be yanked out of this dimension and placed in another place to continue. Adam and Eve were not "kicked out" of the garden of Eden: they were shuttled off to the lower 4th dimension to continue their evolution because their process was seriously threatened by the free radical forces of that day.

And free radicals are playing a very important roll in events, right now. Consider that free radical are incomplete atom and molecules, whereas Christed also means "completed with Light".

FreeRadical Thesis

Industrial Disease

One of the characteristics of the free radical is that it literally steals electrons from nearby atoms and molecules. There's a ton of information just in that one sentence. If you consider the fractal nature of our universe, then you know that what's happening at the molecular level is also happening in our larger world, and the solar system larger than us. That statement takes me back to the chaotic node and the demise of this [Pavlina] forum.

I had said that the Pavlina forum was a microcosm of events, and that's true. All reliable spiritual sources have spoken repeatedly about the earth upheavals and "The Shift". This is exactly what you're experiencing. "As above, so below", or in a term most of you are more familiar with , "On earth as it is in heaven".

So if a free radical is stealing the electron (or one of the basketballs atoms use for sports), the victim is deficit. The choice is to either replace the loss with Light, or continue the theft-chain by also stealing. You can see the same pattern in our society at large (think "dysfunctional relationships" and "cheating on your partner"), and specifically the money system. This will now continue to get worse. The crux of the matter is because the Christed...Embodied Light...will no longer be around to help genrate human energies of abundant supply. So the thefts prompted by scarcity will indeed be a microcosm of the society's collapse.

A very simplified description of "The Beast" is anything that facilitates the theft of human spiritual energy, as opposed to the Light which is an abundant giver. Our society is built on fabricated need, manipulated by false demand. Yes: we can get in a plane and fly, but look at what is involved in the process...the manufacturing, the fuel, the schools, the careers and college...it's an immense Industry.

As opposed to following the universes' instructions and simply floating and walking through other dimensions.

Many will laugh at that idea, but those laughing have been heavily influenced by the very industries that rely on their continued dependency for products...products which partially replace the missing parts of God in people. And that's what the Beast is: actually consuming the things that keep you from KNOWING the Christed Light stream, while temporarily filling the demand that for light-contact. The process involves Industry's fillers, most of which are influential in physical and emotional controls.

Do you know anything about the female reproductive system? Did you know that only sperm can go through the cervix? This design is based on that DNA-pattern that describes many other facets of life: like the bible quote about "the eye of a needle". It as well reflects that you cannot get to the Christed Consciousness with bags full of groceries in your hands. Contrary to "Family Circus" cartoons, heaven doesn't allow baggage. And Industry's products cannot en-lighten you

So the choice you have coming up is: do you completely give yourself to the following of the God of your understanding, or do you keep persuing the physical comforts the Beast offers? You really need to think about the full spectrum it implies, because I'll tell ya: chocolate's pretty tempting.

Those choosing to stay, for whatever reason, will see by way of experience, what I'm conveying, and you will never forget it: it will be encoded in your soul DNA, so you will have that information for all Eternity. This will explain to you how many of us "Lightworkers" perform our tasks and seem to KNOW so much.

This comes back around to the honesty thing: as you endure the 1984 Big Brother hell of this world, striving for honesty will become nearly impossible. Depending on how far you get sucked in, you may need to just completely let go and allow the infection to completely take over. When it's all over, you will be fully restored, but the process is long and painful.

And it was by avoiding pain you chose to eat of the Beast. Hey: there's no shame in that. You came here to experience, and experience you did...and will. When it's all said and done, you'll be just as loved as ever, and you will know the deeper meanings of life. You'll have the superficial to compare the more-meaningful to.

Those able to maintain some honesty will find it is an essential tool for exchanging instructions with your guide spirits, and for communicating within yourself. But remember that the chaotic nodes will come by and shake your foundations to the core. This, too, is a way to calibrate honesty: have you honestly made a change? The chaotic node will test it, and you'll know.

So some people ascend quickly like Jesus and just disappear, what about others who its slower for? Surely they don't just fade away in front of our eyes.

It remains to be seen, and I say that because this collapse is like none that have ever occurred before. Some of the rules have changed (in response to the collective) and after the next major Chaotic Node, there will be a change in physical law. Yes: if need be, they WILL disappear in front of your eyes. That's a whole lot easier than taking them into the sky, as mainstream Christianity advertises, wouldn't you agree?

As regards the change in physics:

Did you know that margarine is one molecule away from being plastic? So to introduce a factor in the laws of physics isn't that far of a stretch. Also, we have a set "Laws Of Physics" on 3rd dimensional terms, which donít...can't... comprehend the structures of the 4th and above dimensions. Essentially, it won't be adding to physics: it will be replacing that which was removed from the beginning.
"Each according to his works"

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« Reply #5 on: December 28, 2011, 06:57:38 PM »

One thing I wish to suggest is to start practicing using NATURE to find your answers. And your own body IS a significant part of nature. As we observe Nature, ourselves...instead of relying on National Geographic and science to "inform" us about it...our own minds start remembering...though it seems like "discovering". And it IS discovering. When we relegate research to others, instead of scrutinising for ourselves, we start accepting Disney's synthesis of 'history' and Industry's determination to "hide trade secrets"...none of which existed before YOU did, in the Eternal View.

"Will The Shift Be A Sudden Event?"

No. Would all the babies alive right now suddenly pass puberty and start dating your sister in hopes of 'getting' some'? No: every life unit is on its own timing. Whatever phase of ascension you're at is exactly where you're supposed to be. I used the above bible quote because where you're at will determine where you go. And this ISN'T a sudden event: again, just like the earth isn't going to start spinning faster, the next year may SEEM faster, but all of this will unfold at the pace life can conduct.

For the quantum~ mechanically-minded: as we traverse the sharper edges of the Event Horizon, time concepts will get very chaotic, because the means by which to gauge them will have returned to their natural abstract form. And then suddenly absolute calm. It's experiential: just enjoy the ride.

Concerns about leaving loved ones behind
The question comes up frequently, and it's not surprising. There's nothing I can do to allay fears about losing loved ones. I can't say anything specific, except that your best contribution to the welfare of EVERYONE is to concentrate on your own spiritual development. This might strike you as selfish, but what will slowly dawn on you is that all the other solutions to the world's problems have failed us...absolutely ALL of them down through the ages, except one:

the Christed spiritual solution.

And the spiritual solution is difficult to see: you gotta sift through so much CRAP because it's all filtered down through those selfsame ages. This is one reason I have attempted to report all the subtle changes throughout man's history, starting with the Garden of Eden. To expose the influences that have caused this compounding of spiritual confusion not only exposes the culprits, it strips away the crap, down to the crux of the matter. Strip a Rolls Royce down to its basics and you have standard-issue four wheels and a motor.

If you focus on making yourself a decent human being, this radiates outward, and affects all energy in the universe. You've heard this before, but it's putting it into dedicated practice with a commitment to doing it as a lifestyle...that's what makes the difference. And Jesus said "Remove the board from your own eye before you take the speck out of your brothers' eye."
We cannot assume to know where someone is spiritually or anything else. We can read the symptoms, we can read the facial expressions and body movements, but we can't really know where they're at, totally. The exception to this would be those who are experienced spiritual people and KNOW that how a person talks, what they say and do, reveals their condition and true intentions.

If we all search a little deeper, beyond the perceived "care" and concern for loved ones, we will not only find some degree in falseness with the emotion, you will understand the universe's concern for you. That same Love...your concern for the loved ones...is ten times stronger and more sincere, regarding you. So your own feelings are actually God "speaking" through you. Ponder that a bit more and you can almost touch the very cord that links us all together.

You've heard it said that we're "all connected". Well, there's one way of seeing it.

You are not responsible for someone else's life-path, not even your mothers'.

The energy that links us all together is never broken. That connection is permanent. But it is the Beasts' intention to create the illusion that the connection does not exist. SO...if we become spiritually strong, we no longer hear the Beasts' lies: we're connected to the universe, and it comforts us with the knowledge that, despite everything that will go down, we will all be together at the end of it. We need to remember each and every person came here with specific life-experiences their greater self-being saw necessary for further development.

All through history people have suffered horribly. The Shift doesn't resolve that immediately. What it DOES do...and the spiritual growth conducts...is show us how WE, individually...have contributed to suffering. When we see this, then we begin to dismantle those traits we carry which contribute to the greater suffering.

"There is none righteous: no, not one."

What about after we get there? What will life be like? Will we pursue interests what exactly?

I do not have a one-size-fits-all answer for that, because there are too many factors involved, and besides: MY dedication is to align with the Divine Plan, not steer it or even announce it. But if you look at the donut universe illustration, you see we live in a continuous Moebius strip of eternity. You already know many outcomes, lifetimes and guh-zillions of souls. We are at the point on the Big Clock where those answers are eclipsed...the dark side of the moon, if you will.

It is our experiences NOW that will help determine what we do THEN. And remember this lovely philosophy By Urinitus Danglese:

"If you have a foot in 'tomorrow' and a foot in 'yesterday', you're in the perfect position to 'piss on today'.

Your focus needs to be in the here and now. And I admit, it's a difficult thing to practice at first. But Jesus suggested to us to "not worry wherefore shall we eat or be clothed, for the Father provides for all His children." This is an assurance that when you are on the spiritual path, with good intentions, what you need comes your way, when you need it. I know this to be true. I admittedly still get the jitters sometimes, swinging out on the trapeze, letting go and hoping to God that the other trapezist is going to catch me.

But they always do. They constantly prove it to me, and I assure you: they have no problems reassuring you, thousands of time a day for solid weeks on end: Love isn't bothered by your need for reassurance. One of the most profound and stunning lessons I have learned in my life is: Sometimes Love is the only bridge that can carry you across a great divide. The Beast and Big Brother have made whole Industries that attempt to accomplish this: when they realised they couldn't (without Loves' assistance), they merely created illusions that they could...so long as you buy a life-subscription.

Out of curiosity though, do you know anything about our physical bodies afterwards or environment?


The ascension is designed to change our bodies more into the ethereal. More specifically, ascension triggers the sensors already in our bodies but lay dormant until such signals are received. In other words, with the evolving of our minds and the knowledge (of universal things, not man's educational institutions) joined with literal earth-pulse signals, our bodies change to reflect that knowledge. [see The Adam Project]Jesus walked on water: how? He decreased his mass. How? He was a master of his own molecular make up, because he had previous life experience with re-wiring the human body according to Divine Law. In one-ness with the universe. (This is in conjunction of the earlier statement, regarding our own re-wiring). When this merge takes place, we are in sync with the solar systems, planets, and universe, and their energy-pulses. Many observe how atoms remind us of a planet with a moon orbiting around the nucleus. This pattern is repeated higher and higher...again "On earth as it is in heaven"...and to be in harmony with our bodies...which are a replica of the whole...then we move and act in accordance with any environment we're in when we have this experience/knowledge/harmony.

The Beast knows this, and much of the Beasts' design is to distract us from learning this fundamental built-in design. The beast also knows how to influence specific triggers and thwart other designs: calcium-coating the pineal gland is a good example.

So many will not get all the way to a mastered state, yet there is another bible verse that gives pause: the woman about to have a child in the wilderness, the dragon waiting to eat the child. Some will be lead to places where they will be safe to grow...to birth their Christedness...and then return to the 1984 environment. As the symbols of the bible have compounded meaning, we can interpret the 'dragon', in this sense, to be our addictions to the Beasts' influences on our physical bodies...the temptations, the fear of discomfort: all those things we seem to fight when spiritually focused.

What do we do with the mastered bodies? I refer to an example I love to use: it is in regards to the Barney and Betty Hill abductions:

Aboard the UFO, Betty sees a star map, and asks the alien visitors where they are from. His response is, "Do you know where YOU are on this map?" Betty blushes and admits she does not.

"Then what good would it do to tell you where we're from (if you don't even know where YOU are)?

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« Reply #6 on: December 28, 2011, 07:10:30 PM »


I first wish to thank Bluth, Faceless, alphamind, MagicalRealist and MovingForward for their questions during the last few moments of the Pavlina forums' life. This is how we used our time, and because we DID, it is now frozen in the public record. I dare to say that those posting "LOL"s on Facebook during this time would be hard-pressed to retrieve even those "lol"s any time in the future, nor can they say the LoL's assisted any significant contribution to humanity. They certainly can't say they got the 'last word' on their threads at Pavlina forums. I say this because it is a perfect example of how we use our blessings. It goes a bit deeper, though.

One reason The Beast has succeeded for centuries is because few were paying focused attention just before any Collapse. This being the case, few had memory of those demises. They were thus continually reincarnated without that experiential knowledge.

But there are many who DID pay attention, took 'notes', and have brought that knowledge forth, to pool it together for a larger, comprehensive picture of the whole. It further explains why this is the Beasts' last hurrah on earth.

As regards "demons' DEscension": this is a clear indication that This Creation Pulse is nearing its end, and energies are being returned to their respective, rightful places. Midnite and wstein are probably best-suited to comment on that process.

The thread is now open for discussion.

December 28, 2011   by r. andrew stokes
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« Reply #7 on: January 20, 2012, 02:06:43 PM »

Those following the link from Pavlina archives are directed to the most recent info HERE
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« Reply #8 on: January 20, 2012, 11:38:46 PM »

Moody Blues - Steppin&; in a Slide Zone & Talking out of turn
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